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How to Gain Real Instagram Followers and Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Instagram Followers

We’re living in a time where you need to have much more than a presence on Instagram – you need to work to gain real Instagram followers. Attracting the right kind of “real” follower will help you achieve the crucial social proof necessary to make your brand stand out. In this post, we’re going to list some important recommendations that will help do just that.

Maximize the Potential of Your Instagram Bio

The first thing Instagram users see when they visit your page is your bio so make sure it captures their attention. Do this right and you’ll gain real Instagram followers by being ahead of 95% of businesses on Instagram. Include a compelling headline, keyword, text about you and your company, including information that provides your page with credibility (certifications, social causes, publications, etc.). It’s also important to include a call to action.

 Quality Content

With over one billion users, Instagram is the KING of visual content. To get real IG followers, every post you share needs to be of the highest quality. Never, ever sacrifice high quality for quantity. Because a prospective follower’s initial impression of your brand is going to be from aesthetics on Instagram, the quality of your posts needs to consistently reflect throughout your entire grid.

Instagram Captions

Use your Instagram captions to enhance your post by providing more value, context and insight into what’s taking place beyond the image or video. Instead of just describing what’s in the picture, tell the story behind it, news about your brand, or why is it that you’re so passionate about what you do.

Instagram Stories

One of the most effective features on Instagram today is Instagram Stories – they have quickly become one of the most efficient marketing tools for brands. From exclusive sales to “behind the scenes” check-ins, you can use Stories to make real time connections with updates that go beyond the scope of the Instagram grid. These benefits will help you build brand identity and the gain real Instagram followers that can boost the effectiveness of your efforts.

Use Hashtags to Gain Instagram Followers

Understanding how to proficiently use hashtags on Instagram is the best way to expand your reach. Consider the words that your target audience would use to describe the products or services you offer since they’ll be searching these hashtags.

Host a Contest

Hosting a contest not only rewards your loyal followers, it also helps you get exposure and gain real Instagram followers. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s a lot that goes into running a successful contest. Things to consider include budget, choosing the right incentive, and above all, the objective of your Instagram contest.

 Influencer Marketing

There’s no doubt that brands can gain real Instagram followers through Influencer marketing. Even though there’s a lot involved in the process, your efforts will definitely pay off in the long run. Some of the steps involved include determining who influences your target audience. Who creates content that’s relevant to your industry, brand, services or products? Who are the influencers that can help you accomplish your campaign goals? Once you’ve defined who the “ideal” influencer is, you can start searching for one for your campaign. When you have found the influencer (s) you’re planning to work with, you need to work together to come up with a collaborative plan. This will help make sure that the campaign works out well for both parties.

Because over 60% of users search for products and services on Instagram, businesses today can’t afford to ignore the social site as a marketing channel. The recommendations listed here will help you gain real Instagram followers – the only way to achieve real success on the site.

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