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Importance and Usage of keywords in SEO content

When we say SEO, it means search engine optimization, and without keywords SEO is nothing. When we say the keyword, it means the variety of keyword which is used in SEO article can vary from one word too complex phrases or quotations which attracts the general traffic. Keyword focuses on satisfying the viewers need.

Thus keywords play a very important role in search engine optimization. A keyword can be used in the following ways according to SEO Shark based in NZ:

  1. Keywords in URLs: URLs are something which hardly gets changed thus using SEO keywords in URLs helps the viewer to get an idea about what he or she is going to get in this particular page URL.
  1. Attractive content: It is very obvious that content is very important and using SEO keyword in content is more important to bring traffic on your page. Thus when we say keywords, it is very necessary to use specific keywords in the whole content published so that it can attract organic traffic on your page.
  1. Title: Keywords which are placed in the title of the content plays a great role in ranking the content on the Google webpage as well as attracts the viewer. Thus using engaging viewer oriented keywords can help gain more click and traffic.
  1. Tags: Usually not all tags are that influential. When we say tags here, meta-tags play no role as they don’t increase your website rank on Google, but yes it can help you gain CTR.
  1. Giving proper names: When you add images or videos in the content don’t save it with any random name as this will never help you gain traffic. Try to save it with prominent keywords which help them get noticed when people are searching anything related to them.

Thus while using keywords one must take care of using only those keywords which are useful and can give you good ranking and clicks. Irrelevant usage of keywords will give you zero traffic.